A New Way To Achieve Business Transformation

Nuva Via is committed to helping clients across Africa find ‘a new way’ to solve business challenges. We provide a differentiated service combining business consulting, capability building and technology. Nuva Via comprises a strong team of senior business leaders ensuring that the highest levels of skill and experience are applied to resolving client challenges. Nuva Via is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and is ideally positioned to provide solutions across Africa. More

Our Approach

Nuva Via drives improvements in Integrated Business Planning to help clients increase their business certainty of achieving the desired results in terms of Revenue, Profit and Cash. This can be achieved through the following approach:

Leadership Team

  • Alastair Gore

    Alastair Gore

    Alastair is a seasoned supply chain professional who has held senior executive positions locally and abroad. Alastair specialises in addressing supply challenges, and using his experience to identify opportunities in Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics and Customer Service. Alastair has been operating at Director level for over 20 years, supporting business transformation and driving positive change. His career in the FMCG industry has seen him gain experience... More

  • Michael Wood

    Michael Wood

    Michael is an accomplished business professional with highly successful General Management experience in Western Europe, Russia & Africa for Gillette Co. & Procter & Gamble. Since 2010 Michael has lead the Aperio organisation, a leading Pan-African consultancy that specialises in consumer goods. Aperio’s clients are multinational FMCG companies which include Danone, Diageo, Kellogg’s, GSK, Kimberly Clark, Mars and many more... More

  • Rod Stout

    Rod Stout

    Rod came to South Africa in 1988 when he joined Manro Management Consultants as part of a team to establish a branch in Johannesburg. Rod co-founded The Logistics Bureau (TLB) in 1993 which grew into South Africa’ first specialist supply chain consulting & technology company and was eventually sold to Super Group... More

  • Shane Russell

    Shane Russell

    With over 20 years of experience in supply chain management, Shane has held senior level positions with supply chain consulting companies as well as being a co-founder and executive director of The Logistics Bureau (TLB) and Collaborative Xchange. Shane was previously a divisional director at Super Group and held the position of Country Manager UK responsible for the group’s UK operations... More

  • Elana Godley

    Elana Godley

    Elana is an experienced Industrial Psychologist who believes in the value of utilising coaching as a delivery process rather than a product or standalone activity. Elana is a master coach and change consultant with a 25 year track record. Elana’s executive coaching philosophy is that the real work for most leaders is managing to change themselves and own their effect on the world around them... More

Integrated Business Planning

The Holy Grail Of Business Transformation

Forward-thinking companies choose Nuva Via Integrated Business Planning to:

  • Ensure business plans will reflect the actual business operations, and ultimately, the financial results.
  • Equip their team with the shared context to effectively collaborate and execute a business plan.
  • Respond rapidly when the inevitability of change occurs.

Ultimately, we enable our clients to maximise profitable growth with a fully-integrated model, which truly represents their business.

Integrated Business Planning

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